#GetTechnical // Proper Tempo in the Dip and Drive for Olympic Weightlifting

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The split jerk is arguably the most complicated of the three lifts although it moves the barbell shortest overall distance. In the same vein as our previous articles about the start position of the snatch and clean, the end of the lift hinges on the way we start it.

In this case with one of our Remote Athletes, the jerk drive is pulled out of position as a result of the dip being too abrupt. While the Olympic lifts should always be explosive in nature, there are points where we must exercise and maintain control over the barbell.

When executing the dip and drive of the jerk, make sure to:

✅Set breath and strong rack position
✅Ease into the dip
✅Explode through the drive

When dipping too abruptly, the lifter could:

🚫Lose connection to the barbell (comes off the shoulders)
🚫Crash into the bottom of the dip
🚫Lose balance/get pulled forward

The dip should not be wild — easy down, fast up!