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Keep Pulling has been named an official Community Development Training Site by USA Weightlifting! Click below to learn more!

Monthly Weightlifting Technique Courses

Spend 10 sessions focusing on your lifts with our dedicated Weightlifting Coaches!


Tampa's Spring competition is returning to the Dunedin Community Center on Saturday, April 13th!

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Weightlifting in Tampa Bay, FL

Learn more about our two Weightlifting Club locations in South Tampa and Westchase!

Remote Weightlifting Coaching

Remote and distance coaching for Weightlifters of all experience levels!

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#GetTechnical // Controlling the Knees During the Overhead Squat in Olympic Weightlfiting

Creating a solid bottom position in the snatch and overhead squat comes down to mastering the fundamentals of the squat in general: proper foot placement, hips moving down and slightly back, and body weight on the heels-ish. In this case with one of our Remote Athletes, maintaining these details creates […]


Keep Pulling in Tampa has MOVED!

We are excited to announce that our South Tampa Weightlifting club has moved! We are now a part of Cigar City CrossFit in Ybor City as of February 1st! Make sure to come check us out at Keep Pulling Weightlifting in Ybor City! IG: @KeepPullingWLC


#GetTechnical // Barbell Height and Pulling to the Barbell in the Clean and Snatch

Here’s an impromptu #GetTechnical while we are reviewing photos from last night’s training session at Tern Weightlifting! This is what it looks like to #KeepPulling! Standing up with the weight and driving through a hard extension (2nd pull) is only half the battle. Once you get to a range in the […]

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