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#GetTechnical // Clean up your Clean with Pulls in Olympic Weightlifting

Leaning back with the shoulders can cause any number of balance issues in the pull. When finishing the top of a lift, make sure to: ✅Keep pressure through your foot ✅Straighten your legs (leg drive) ✅Finish straight and tall Excessive lean can cause: 🚫Instability at the top 🚫Loss of barbell […]


Keep Pulling Athlete Featured in the Mayo Clinic Journal Following Shoulder Surgery

Below is an excerpt from the Mayo Clinic’s article about one of our Weightlifters who underwent shoulder surgery in high school, then came to Tampa for college and began training at our Keep Pulling Weightlifting Club. For full article from the Mayo Clinic, CLICK HERE. Delaney Willingham stepped to the […]


#GetTechnical // The Effects of Keep Pushing in Olympic Weightlifting

#GetTechnical with your PUSH from the floor: While the start of the lift is technically a PUSH from the floor, we must be careful not to push too long (don’t #KeepPushing). There is a proper sequence when talking about an effective pull that can be simplified to “Legs, Back, Legs.” […]

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