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Episode 9: It’s Not Arnold, It’s Mark Cannella!

Hosts Andy and Patrick sit down with Mark Cannella from Columbus Weightlifting! Mark is the creator and Meet Director for the Arnold Weightlifting Championships since its inaugural year in 2003, is a Senior International Coach with USA Weightlifting, has coached multiple world teams, and won numerous coaching awards during his […]

Gyms in Florida Announced to Open…We’re BACK!

Today was the day we’ve been waiting for after eight long weeks of Florida’s stay-at-home orders; Governor DeSantis announced that all gyms and fitness centers will be permitted to reopen! We’re excited to get back to normal life and training, but what does that mean for us as we get […]

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Gains Back!

Olympic Weightlifting definitely has its ups and downs, but so does training in general. There will always be times when we have to take a step or two away from our regularly scheduled training regimen because of professional responsibilities, school, or perhaps a nation-wide shutdown due to a looming pandemic. […]

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