MDUSA Pendlay Elite Change Plates Review

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We bought these brand new Pendlay KG Elite Change Plates from Muscle Driver USA. Since I couldn’t find any reviews on this product in advance, I decided to create a video review as I unboxed them for the first time with real-time first impressions, bar fitment testing, and weight verification.


If you don’t want to watch the full 12 minute video (yes, 12 minutes), then this section is for you.

  • The polyurethane coating is harder than I anticipated. Granted, I am used to a more rubberized version with the Eleiko or Rogue change plates, but this is just something to adjust to stylistically.
  • The plates themselves feel very solid. The coating gives a little bit when you really press on it, but it seems like it will hold up long-term.
  • The colors look a bit plastic — almost a lego-type texture with the glossy look.
  • Some of the color codes are a bit off compared to some of the other plates and color combinations that seem to be standard across multiple brands. For example, the blue 2kg plates are much darker than any blue I’ve seen on either change or full-sized plate and the “red” 2.5kg plates are more of a red/orange mixture. The color is almost exactly the same as the Adidas AdiPowers. (See below for color comparisons)
  • They weigh true to weight advertised. I weighed each plate individually using the same scale that we use for weigh-ins for meets that we host.
  • Fitment on barbells are very snug. I test fitted them right out of the package on both a 2013 20kg NB Pendlay barbell and a 20kg Eleiko Training barbell — I anticipate that the material in the center will wear down a little bit over time as they slide on and off while loading which will make their fitment a tad more loose.
  • Overall, a great product at a steal of a price!







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