#GetTechnical // Managing Your Recovery in the Split Jerk for Olympic Weightlifting

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The recovery of the split jerk can be a tricky process. It largely depends on the integrity of our dip and drive, but when we manage to execute the lift properly, only half the work is done!

The recovery can make or break the split jerk. It’s important to focus on finding center when you bring your feet back into a single plane. If you find yourself unstable in the jerk recovery, try focusing on:

  • Returning both feet to a “center line”
  • Recovering UP through the hands/shoulders; Grow!
  • Moving feet the same distance to and from “center line”

Improper foot movement or foot travel can lead to:

  • Generating forward OR backward momentum on the barbell
  • Instability during recovery
  • Chasing after a weight


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