RECAP // Snatch Seminar at Tern CrossFit in Westchase, FL

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This past Saturday (Feb. 17), Tern CrossFit in Westchase hosted one of our Fundamentals of the Snatch seminars! We had over 20 people in attendance to drill positions and improve their lifting with our Weightlifting Coaching Staff!

Thank you to everyone who came out to lift with us! Make sure to check our Facebook page for a full photo album from the seminar!


Learn to Practice

Take our drills and assistance exercises with you so that you continue to develop and improve as you train on your own.

Open Discussions

The Olympic lifts are complicated; we encourage questions and discussions so that participants can further understand the inner workings of the lifts.

Technique Focused

Though our workshops are 90% hands-on, we place a heavy emphasis on technical development.

Beginner Friendly

No experience? No problem! Our workshops begin with the basics and progress as the day goes on.

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