#GetTechnical // Controlling Your Dip and Drive in the Split Jerk for Olympic Weightlifting

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In this video analysis for one of our Remote Athletes, we dive into the mechanics of the dip and drive of the jerk!

Just as in the Snatch and Clean, the lifter must maintain positions through the dip and drive to maintain mechanical advantage over the barbell as an external object. A few main points to strive for in the dip and drive are:

  • Keeping the body “stacked”; meaning the shoulders, hips, and ankles are in line
  • Maintaining tension (similar to a plank)
  • Dipping from the knees
  • Moving the body in a straight line

Lifters tend to get into trouble during the jerk when:

  • The body is out of line
  • The lifter hinges from the hip
  • Any horizontal movement occurs

Some drills to correct this problem could include:

  • Jerk dips with back against the wall
  • Jerk dips
  • Paused jerks and/or push presses