#GetTechnical // Elbow Positioning in the Clean and Snatch Pull in Olympic Weightlifting

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#GetTechnical with your elbow position! The thing about pulls is that they need to mimic the positioning of the clean and snatch as much as possible. So, even though everybody pulls, here’s how to Keep Pulling the right way:

In this video with one of our Remote Athletes, we are focusing on corrections around the toes and elbows. We frequently say “Toes & ‘Bows” to remind our lifters of:

✅Standing tall through the balls of the feet
✅Keeping pressure against the ground until the bar begins to drop
✅Keeping the elbows, wrists, and barbell in a straight line

Should the elbows come behind the body or if the athlete releases pressure against the ground, it could lead to:
🚫Improper extension through the actual lifts
🚫Loss of power through the top of the lift
🚫Improper/lack of arm action through the “third pull”

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