#GetTechnical // Elbow Positioning in the Clean and Snatch Pull in Olympic Weightlifting

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#GetTechnical with your elbow position! The thing about pulls is that they need to mimic the positioning of the clean and snatch as much as possible. So, even though everybody pulls, here’s how to Keep Pulling the right way: In this video with one of our Remote Athletes, we are […]

#GetTechnical // Leg Drive and Its Effects on Position

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Full video analysis and review comparing two lifts a week apart of one of our Remote Athletes. [Learn More about Remote Coaching…] Left Clip: After // Right Clip: Before The error occurring was an early pull caused by losing leg drive through the beginning of the extension. By losing pressure […]

Athlete Spotlight: Kathy K.

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Our Keep Pulling Athlete Spotlight is on @WeightlifterInExile! She is part of our Remote Coaching Program and joins us all the way from Seoul, South Korea! Learn More About Remote Coaching ☑Age/weight class: 47/53kg Masters ☑Athletic background? Other than recreational softball and league bowling I was not very athletic. Weightlifting is […]