#GetTechnical // Connecting the Overhead Squat to the Snatch in Olympic Weightlifting

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#GetTechnical with standing up your Overhead Squat!

As we said similarly in our previous post on Attacking the Bottom Position, there is still work to be done after the barbell is received overhead. In the bottom of the squat, or receiving position, maintaining tension is the name of the game.

In this instance with one of our Remote Athletes, the momentary loss of tension in the bottom of the overhead squat disconnected the squat from the rest of the lift itself. Maintaining that tension through the receiving and stand-up portion of the lift will make sure that:

✅The lifter remains balanced
✅The barbell is received with force and stability
✅Control over the barbell and body is maintained

If a lifter loses tension in the bottom position, it could cause:

🚫Improper weight transfer
🚫Instability and/or loss of balance
🚫Losing connection and control over the barbell


Snatch with paused catch + 3 second OHS

Pausing the lift in the catch position and then slowing down the descent of the OHS will force the lifter to maintain both tension and control over both their body and the barbell simultaneously!