#GetTechnical // Attacking the Bottom Position in the Snatch for Olympic Weightlifting

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#GetTechnical with attacking your bottom position in the snatch!

Finishing your pull in the snatch is only half the battle — When the barbell is overhead, we need to be just as aggressive in the bottom as we were when we started from the ground.

In this instance with one of our Remote Athletes, even though the pulls were textbook, he backed out (literally) of the lift at the very end. When attacking the bottom position of your snatch, make sure to:

✅Pull down aggressively with the hands
✅”Freeze” the bottom (Lock in tight)
✅Be patient in the bottom position

If a lifter loses control and aggression in the bottom position, it could cause:

🚫Instability, rocking, or bouncing around
🚫Poor timing when receiving the barbell
🚫Rushing out of the bottom