Keep Pulling: A USA Weightlifting Training Site and Center for Community Development in Tampa, FL

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In October of 2018, USA Weightlifting began the process of searching for clubs throughout the United States to be designated as nationally recognized Athlete Training Sites and Centers for Community Development. The selection criteria was based on a few things including coaches’ education and certification level, club activity, club history, national involvement, training space & equipment, community outreach programs, and more.

After multiple rounds of applications, program descriptions, and interviews, Keep Pulling was selected as a USA Weightlifting Community Development Training Site for 2019! We are excited for the opportunity to work with USA Weightlifting to grow the sport!

What does this mean?

There were over 80 clubs in the United States that went through the application, interview, and selection process and 24 clubs were chosen — Based on our heavy involvement in the sport of Weightlifting, USA Weightlifting has recognized Keep Pulling as:

  • An outstanding club whose goals and vision align with the national governing body of USA Weightlifting
  • A Center for Community Development based on our numerous outreach programs and community involvement
  • A nationally recognized Athlete Development and Training Site
  • A club with an extensive history of developing all athletes from beginners to national competitors with the infrastructure (space, equipment, programs, and coaching expertise) to continually support and develop these types athletes

We are both honored and excited for this opportunity with USA Weightlifting! For a full description of our Weightlifting and Outreach Programs, please click below!