#GetTechnical // Landing with a Locked Leg in Olympic Weightlifting

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Let’s talk about the landing in the Split Jerk: Learning to balance your weight distribution in the split can be a challenging task. Each lifter will have their own “style” of landing depending on their bodies, but there are always a few key points that we should shoot for when talking about positioning.

In this case with one of our Remote Athletes, the landing of the split is not even. One of the key points of the split jerk landing is that we should aim for a bent back leg in order to control what is happening with our bodies when receiving the barbell.

A split jerk landing should include:

✅Front shin perpendicular to the ground
✅Back knee bent, slightly below the hip
✅Shoulders, hips, and back knee relatively in line

Stepping too far back or straightening the back leg can cause:

🚫Improper weight distribution
🚫Pushing the body forward in the landing
🚫Shoulders, hips, and back out of line