Keep Pulling: A USA Weightlifting Training Site and Center for Community Development in Tampa, FL

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In October of 2018, USA Weightlifting began the process of searching for clubs throughout the United States to be designated as nationally recognized Athlete Training Sites and Centers for Community Development. The selection criteria was based on a few things including coaches’ education and certification level, club activity, club history, national […]

New Weight Categories from the IWF and USA Weightlifting

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For those that didn’t see the trending news yesterday, the IWF released the new proposed weight categories to be implemented this year. If you haven’t seen them, please CLICK HERE for a list of the new categories. From our perspective, this is overwhelmingly positive for 95% of the lifters we know […]

Florida Weightlifting Federation Board Elections

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Florida USA Weightlifting Members! Elections for our Florida Weightlifting Federation Board of Directors will begin on Thursday, June 23. The FWF serves as the central governing body for weightlifting in the State of Florida. Also known as the Local Weightlifting Committee #14 (LWC 14), it is an affiliate of USA Weightlifting, the national […]

Everyone is a Weightlifting Coach

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For anyone who has been involved in the Weightlifting community for longer than two or three years has been able to witness the growing numbers of competitors and coaches over time. With great supply comes great demand and the rising number of competitors is also increasing the need for competent weightlifting coaches and […]

Training Deficit Disorder

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Working out. Exercising. Training. To the average person, these words carry little, if any, significance. To an athlete or coach, these words are as different as black and white. One could argue that they’re just words, but these words mean much more than meets the eye. So, what’s the difference? Let’s start with some […]

Weightlifting, Nutrition, and that Dirty Little “C” Word

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We’ve all heard it: “You are what you eat.” This simple quote dates back over a hundred years and still gets it’s fair use out of nutrition coaches and experts everywhere. Though, it seems like all you need these days is an internet connection to deem yourself an expert in […]