Episode 8: “Which one is Pedro?” with Pedro Meloni

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Hosts Andy and Patrick interview Pedro Meloni, the Director of Events and Sponsorships for USA Weightlifting! Learn about his role at USA Weightlifting, dive into the planning process of national and international competitions, and figure out “which one is Pedro”! Live video version of this episode is available on our […]

Keep Pulling: A USA Weightlifting Training Site and Center for Community Development in Tampa, FL

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In October of 2018, USA Weightlifting began the process of searching for clubs throughout the United States to be designated as nationally recognized Athlete Training Sites and Centers for Community Development. The selection criteria was based on a few things including coaches’ education and certification level, club activity, club history, national […]

Stay The Course

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I was browsing the Facebooks recently and stumbled across a status posted by the one and only Matt Foreman. To give the cliff notes, it basically said that you’d better have a damn good reason for quitting our sport before you’ve maxed out your potential. Otherwise, you’ll never be as […]

Training Deficit Disorder

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Working out. Exercising. Training. To the average person, these words carry little, if any, significance. To an athlete or coach, these words are as different as black and white. One could argue that they’re just words, but these words mean much more than meets the eye. So, what’s the difference? Let’s start with some […]