#GetTechnical // What the Finish Means for Momentum in Olympic Weightlifting

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When extending through the top of a lift, we need to generate force with the legs, but also DIRECT it, which is a two-fold process.

Both the legs and arms have a role to play, but the majority of the work is done with the legs. We need to stay connected to the barbell, but let all the force from the LEGS create the upward velocity on the barbell, so we must make sure to:
✅Finish tall and upright
✅Let the legs drive the barbell UP
✅Guide the elbows up while pulling under

An improper finish can:
🚫Deaden or kill momentum
🚫Change the direction of the barbell
🚫Limit power & barbell height

Force must be generated with the legs and extension of the body, not by pulling up with the arms!

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