#GetTechnical // Barbell Height and Pulling to the Barbell in the Clean and Snatch

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Here’s an impromptu #GetTechnical while we are reviewing photos from last night’s training session at Tern Weightlifting! This is what it looks like to #KeepPulling! Standing up with the weight and driving through a hard extension (2nd pull) is only half the battle. Once you get to a range in the […]


#GetTechnical // Staying Over the Barbell in Olympic Weightlifting

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The phrase, “Stay over the barbell,” has been widely used in many different situations. It mostly refers to keeping one’s chest and shoulders over or ahead of the barbell during a snatch or clean, but let’s take a look at what it means for the elbows. The nature of Weightlifting […]


#GetTechnical // Proper Rack Position in the Clean and Front Squat

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A balanced clean comes down to how well we support the barbell in the rack position. The rack position could easily mean the difference between a missed and a made lift. In this case with one of our Remote Athletes, the rack position is limited by a “death grip” on the barbell. When transitioning […]


#GetTechnical // Jump, Don’t Hump! Clean Up Those Pulls for Olympic Weightlifting

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Let’s talk PULLS! As we broke this down for our Remote Athletes, the goal is #JumpDontHump— the snatch and clean are both essentially weighted jumps. Jumping is a LEG action and not a HIP action, so save the hip swinging for a hula hoop 😉 When executing pulls, we must end […]


#GetTechnical // Meeting the Barbell with Tension in the Clean for Olympic Weightlifting

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After the extension or “jumping” phase of the snatch or clean, we have to remember that the lift is only half over! In this instance with one of our remote athletes, we are seeing a little bit of a disconnect between the body and the barbell prior to the receiving […]


Back 2 Basics: Defining Positions for the Olympic Lifts (Snatch & Clean)

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When we talk about the teaching positions for Olympic Weightlifting, it’s important that we establish a common language and/or definition of what each position means. The main points of instruction include the Power Position, Hang Position, and the Start Position. This morning, we had a positional review (along with visual […]


Clean Seminar at Tern CrossFit // June 23, 2018

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Fundamentals of the Clean Seminar Join us for a Keep Pulling Weightlifting seminar in Westchase, FL hosted by Tern CrossFit! Spend the afternoon with our dedicated Weightlifting coaching staff fine tuning your lifts or learning from scratch with our technique drills and exercises! All ages and experience levels are welcome! […]

Olympics Day 8 - Weightlifting

Preparing For Your First National Meet

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Qualifying for a National Meet Through out the year, weightlifting clubs or gyms will host local weightlifting meets in every state in the nation. If the competition is sanctioned through USA Weightlifting, the lifters will have the opportunity to qualify for Youth (age >11 to 17), Junior (18-20), Senior (21-34), […]