#GetTechnical // The Effects of Keep Pushing in Olympic Weightlifting

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#GetTechnical with your PUSH from the floor:

While the start of the lift is technically a PUSH from the floor, we must be careful not to push too long (don’t #KeepPushing). There is a proper sequence when talking about an effective pull that can be simplified to “Legs, Back, Legs.”

From the ground, we primarily use our legs to push to the hang position — then from the hang to the power position, we primarily use our back to hinge upward and open — then we use our legs in a final effort to elevate the barbell at the top of the second pull.

In this instance with one of our Remote Athletes, he is pushing with the legs past the hang position which causes the legs to straighten prematurely. When executing a full lift, we must make sure to:

✅Push through the ground at the start
✅Keep the barbell on the thighs
✅Stay patient and hinge open to the top

When the legs straighten early, it can cause:

🚫The lift to be forward
🚫The barbell to separate from the body
🚫Improper second pull

Just remember that the Olympic lifts are essentially a weighted jump and it’s impossible to jump with straight legs!