#GetTechnical // Optimizing the Snatch Bottom Position for Olympic Weightlifting

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When it comes to the Snatch, a solid and comfortable overhead squat is a must! In this instance with one of our Keep Pulling Remote Athletes, we have a positional weight distribution issue at the bottom of the overhead squat that will affect snatches at heavier loads.

When an athlete tends to shift weight forward during the OHS, we need to get them comfortable and train them into proper positioning. Some corrective points in this scenario could be:

✅Settle onto the back of the foot/heels
✅Pull the knees UP and into the chest
✅Pause in the bottom to build comfort

In both the Snatch and OHS, we should always avoid:

🚫Squatting to the balls of the feet/toes
🚫Pushing knees excessively FORWARD
🚫Rushing out of the bottom position