#GetTechnical // Meeting the Barbell with Tension in the Clean for Olympic Weightlifting

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After the extension or “jumping” phase of the snatch or clean, we have to remember that the lift is only half over! In this instance with one of our remote athletes, we are seeing a little bit of a disconnect between the body and the barbell prior to the receiving position of the clean. When the pulls are finished, we need to execute an aggressive arm action to guide the shoulders to the barbell and meet the weight with tension!

When turning over the clean specifically, we must focus on:

✅Pulling the barbell directly to the throat

✅Staying connected by holding on until the turnover

✅Meeting the barbell with upward force


Common errors associated with the receiving position could be:

🚫Barbell floating and crashing onto the shoulders

🚫Letting go of the barbell too early

🚫Dropping softly with the barbell instead of meeting it

A great drill to correct timing issues in the clean can be a clean (from any position) with a paused catch. Execute a normal clean, but when you receive the bar, stop and hold for 3 seconds to train in the feeling of tension and stopping power, and then continue to ride the squat down slowly to maintain that tension through the entire lift!