#GetTechnical | Knees Out Part 2: Using It When Advantageous

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Coupled with our post last week about a common error associated with this cue, here’s a situational case where it can be used to bring about positive action in a lift.

Make sure to watch the video below!

In the jerk, we need the body to travel in a straight line during the dip, drive, AND landing. Instead of pushing the knees FORWARD in the dip, changing the focus to tracking them outward and over the toes will:
✅Let the hips move straight down
✅Keep the weight towards the heel of the foot
✅Activate the hips & legs

Allowing the knees to track too far forward will:
❌Bring the weight onto the toes
❌Drive the barbell forward
❌Pull the body forward

This is also common with dips that are too deep. Ideally, they should be no deeper than your power position.

The key to the jerk is balance and control; without either of these, the barbell will have a mind of its own!