#GetTechnical // Freezing Your Start Position for Olympic Weightlifting, Part 2

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#GetTechnical with your Dynamic Start, Part 2!

In our previous week’s video, we had a dynamic start that was impacting the position of the barbell at the beginning of the lift. This time, the bodily momentum is affecting the positions of the body event though the barbell is seemingly stationary.

In a perfect starting position, we will see:
✅Knees relatively ahead of the barbell
✅Shoulders over the barbell, or in front
✅Weight centered on the MID FOOT

If bodily momentum should take over and pull us out of the start position, we might see:
🚫Knees behind the barbell too soon
🚫Shoulders behind the barbell
🚫Weight improperly set on the HEELS

As recommended in this video, if you’re experiencing problems in your start position, set up, hold for 3 seconds, THEN start the lift!