#GetTechnical // Foot Placement in the Split Jerk for Olympic Weightlifting

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#GetTechnical with your foot placement in the split jerk! Here is a clip of a video review to one of our Remote Athletes!

You may hear or see some coaching points regarding what the feet are doing and how they should be pointed, but we prefer a more straight approach to the split jerk landing instead of pointing the toes inward on the landing. Focusing on a foot position that is pointed straight ahead will help the lifter to:
✅Keep the knee tracking in line with the foot
✅Land at the same starting width of the dip/drive
✅Keep the feet moving in a straight line

When we begin to angle the feet inward excessively, the lifter may experience:
❌Instability in the forward foot
❌Reduction in the landing width (also causing instability)
❌Swiping the leg/foot inwards into the “no parking zone”