#GetTechnical // Extending Legs Through the Power Position in Olympic Weightlifting

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#GetTechnical with your extension! Even during light warm up reps, we must make sure that we are still achieving the proper positions all the way through each lift.

In this video with one of our Remote Athletes, there is a lack of leg extension through the top of the extension (or jump) phase of the lift. Standing tall through the extension phase will show:

✅The athlete’s body up as high as possible in a straight-ish line
✅Knees extended while pushing through balls of feet
✅Barbell in hip crease (snatch) or at arm’s length (clean)

Lack of extension can lead to:
🚫Pushing the barbell forward
🚫Chest diving or leaning to compensate in the catch
🚫Unstable bottom position

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