#GetTechnical // Barbell Height and Pulling to the Barbell in the Clean and Snatch

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Here’s an impromptu #GetTechnical while we are reviewing photos from last night’s training session at Tern Weightlifting!

This is what it looks like to #KeepPulling! Standing up with the weight and driving through a hard extension (2nd pull) is only half the battle. Once you get to a range in the TRUE 90% and above, the lifter will only be able to create a fixed amount of elevation on the barbell.

This lift is 93% of actual 1RM for our lifter, Sean, and as you can see, from extension to receiving the barbell a split second later, there was not much change in bar height. MAYBE an inch. MAYBE!

The key is always to #KeepPulling TO the barbell aggressively before that weight begins to change direction. We must be faster than gravity and this is a great visual example to see not only the minimal amount of travel the barbell has, but the GREAT amount of travel that the BODY must have.

This is why we kick “bar path” to the curb and focus on what our BODIES are doing!