#GetTechnical // Jump, Don’t Hump! Clean Up Those Pulls for Olympic Weightlifting

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Let’s talk PULLS! As we broke this down for our Remote Athletes, the goal is #JumpDontHump— the snatch and clean are both essentially weighted jumps. Jumping is a LEG action and not a HIP action, so save the hip swinging for a hula hoop 😉

When executing pulls, we must end straight and tall. After the “extension” phase, the barbell will still be moving and we must control it close to the body/torso by:
✅Extending the legs
✅Keeping the body in a straight-ISH line
✅Guiding the barbell with the arms (elbows UP!)

Poor pull positioning can be seen when a lifter:
🚫”Hits” the barbell with the hips
🚫Leans back excessively
🚫Keeps the arms straight