Which Matters More: Coaching or Your Program?

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From our IG poll last week: “Which makes the bigger impact?”
A) In-person coaching (from competent coach)
B) Training program only (zero coaching feedback)

An organized strength program can help someone increase general strength over time just by a result of actually training. But, when it comes to the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, our position is that there is no replacement for hands-on coaching.

Improving at these technical lifts not only requires general strength, but also strength specific in positions and situations that:
✅Are largely relative to the individual
✅May require additional/specific accessory work to combat deficiencies
✅May require deviation from daily/weekly/monthly programming/percentages if something isn’t settling in

Following only a program on your own with no coaching input can lead to:
❌Developing improper positions
❌Engraining long-term technical flaws
❌Stagnation or plateauing in the classic lifts

There are too many variables in the sport of Weightlifting from athlete to athlete which makes interpersonal coaching largely subjective. Many lifters get into trouble when applying a blanket principle that may not apply to their specific situation and can end up doing more harm in the long term — So, if you have any interest in your Weightlifting longevity, work with a coach!