#GetTechnical // Your Drive Follows Your Dip in the Split Jerk

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In this instance with one of our Remote Athletes, his drive in the jerk is affected by the positioning of the dip. Since the dip is relatively too deep, the ankles begin to run out of flexion which makes a hinge at the hip occur to falsely create more depth — Now, since the lifter is bent over, the drive through the ground is now following a backward vector and pushes the barbell forward.

As Newton’s Third Law dictates, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”Both the dip and drive should follow the same plane — “stacked” and straight up and down. To ensure a vertical BODY PATH, the lifter must:

✅Keep the shoulders, hips, and ankles in line
✅Match the dip of the Jerk to the Power Position
✅Drive Straight UP through the barbell

When we begin to get even a slight amount of horizontal movement or displacement, the lifter can experience:

❌Bending over or folding forward
❌Losing balance (either forward or backward)
❌Driving the barbell horizontally (forward/backward) instead of vertically

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