#GetTecnical // A Proper Stance for the Split Jerk in Olympic Weightlifting

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Just as we discussed the start position of the clean or snatch, a proper start position also applies to the split jerk. Granted the barbell is in a different resting point, but it is also dependent on a proper initiation of the lift.

Before initiating the jerk, athletes should:

  • Stand straight up and down, biasing the heels
  • Breathe UP into the chest/shoulders
  • Create tension and engagement before initiating the lift

In this instance, our athlete is initiating the dip and drive with a slight forward lean which places the center of gravity in the balls of the feet. Initiating with a forward weight distribution can cause:

  • Leaning forward through the dip
  • Driving the barbell forward
  • Chasing the barbell forward