#GetTechnical // Start Position Variance and Its Effects on Lift Mechanics

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#GetTechnical with more on the start position! This position is crucial — every point of the lift depends solely on executing the pull from the ground properly. In Weightlifting, sh*t rolls uphill, meaning if the start is off, the lift is off.

Any variance in the start position can cause a slew of errors upstream. Even though it’s largely individual for every athlete, we must strive to achieve a consistent starting position before trying to dial in any of the finer details in the lifts. A proper start position should allow the athlete to:

  • PUSH the weight off the ground (similar to a leg press)
  • Keep the chest and hips rising together
  • Maintain balance and finish UPWARD instead of FORWARD

In this instance, a change in hip position in the start — either being too high or too low — alters the lift significantly.


  • Athlete’s weight is forward
  • Excessive stress on lower back
  • Barbell is far from the body


  • Athlete cannot properly push off the ground
  • Athlete is behind the barbell too early
  • Improper pulls/finish