#GetTechnical // Stacking the Split Jerk for Olympic Weightlifting

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Sometimes during the split jerk, we may feel the barbell ending forward. This can be caused by one of two things: 1) Driving the barbell forward in the dip and drive, or in this instance, 2) Pulling the body behind the barbell too far.

When landing in the split jerk, the barbell, shoulders, and hips should ideally form as close to a straight line as possible. As we can see in this video, our Remote Athlete has pulled the hips back away from the barbell resulting in that “forward” sensation.

Some corrective cues to bring the athlete’s hip back under the barbell could be:
✅Push your body straight down
✅Drop the hip
✅Step out with the front foot

Some things to avoid would be:

🚫Reaching the chest/head forward in the landing
🚫A straight back leg
🚫Trying to catch the weight high