#GetTechnical // Simplify Your Pulls for Olympic Weightlifting

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Video 1: Error ➡️ Video 2: Corrective drill

As we’ve said before, cues are relative to the situation and athlete. In this instance, excessive focus on “knees out” and “knees back” have caused a breakdown in ground force application — or the PUSH through the ground.

When we start a lift from the ground, we should:
✅Initiate from mid-foot
✅Push the feet FLAT through the ground
✅Allow knee movement to occur naturally

While the knees should move out of the way during a pull from the ground, placing a heavy focus on moving the knees can result in:
🚫Losing contact with the ground
🚫Jumping forward through the lift
🚫Decelerating the barbell

To correct this problem, we used a wooden plank to in the center of the foot to eliminate the excessive foot rocking that was taking place. This forces the athlete to PUSH through the whole foot!