#GetTechnical // Leg Drive and Its Effects on Position

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Full video analysis and review comparing two lifts a week apart of one of our Remote Athletes.

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Left Clip: After // Right Clip: Before

The error occurring was an early pull caused by losing leg drive through the beginning of the extension. By losing pressure against the ground, the knees and hips tend to slide forward too early and “bump” the barbell away from the body and shift the center of mass forward and away.

While banging against the bar feels fast and powerful, it unfortunately creates horizontal bar movement. Creating a more vertical leg drive will promote both better positioning and ultimately a better “bar path”.

To help our remote lifter in this video understand a longer leg drive, we suggested NO FEET cleans to encourage the athlete to drive through the feet and against the ground to finish a complete extension. Differences in both body and barbell position are outlined in the video below!