#GetTechnical // Correct Positioning Through the Overhead Squat

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#GetTechnical with your Overhead Squat!

When standing up during the overhead squat portion of the snatch, we can sometimes become disconnect. To ensure that the body follows a “stacked” or vertical path through the concentric portion of a squat, make sure to:

✅ Set the body TIGHT; similar to the tension of holding a plank
✅ Stand up through the shoulders and hands
✅ Treat the body as a system/single unit

When the lifter loses tension in the body and becomes disconnected in the overhead squat (or other forms of squats), they can experience:

❌ A significant change in torso angle
❌ Instability in major joints; Primarily shoulders in this case
❌ Imbalances in strength development

One way to remedy this problem in the overhead squat is to perform the concentric portion of the squat at tempo with the barbell or very light weight; meaning squat down as normal, pause in the bottom for 3 seconds, then take 5 seconds to perform the “standing up” portion of the squat. This will teach the lifter to both feel and manipulate positioning at a controlled pace!