#GetTechnical // Bridging the Gap Between Powers and Fulls in Olympic Weightlifting

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#GetTechnical with your power cleans! Typically, when you mention the word, “power”, lifters can often tend to lose all resemblance of how the actual full lift should look and feel. In this segment, we will touch on the difference between catching high and catching right with power cleans.

First off, if you can power clean more than you can clean, that’s a problem. The same goes for those whose power clean technique is different than their clean technique. The two should ideally be identical — the only notable difference being: was it caught above or below parallel?

When we execute power cleans (or power snatches), we always include the line, “Receive AT or NEAR parallel.” The intent of receiving around parallel (which is still technically power) will almost always put the lifter into a better receiving position with:

✅Hips settled back into an ACTUAL squatting position

✅Bodyweight centered on the feet

✅Body stacked under the barbell

Try catching your powers LOWER if you find:

🚫Hips sliding forward ahead of the barbell

🚫Weight on your toes in the catch

🚫Feet shooting out wide like a starfish