#GetTechnical // Attacking the Cause of an Error in Olympic Weightlifting

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When we see an error like an athlete jumping forward, this can very well be the RESULT of something happening downstream in the lift rather than it being isolated as the error itself. Here’s an excerpt from a video review to one of our Remote Athletes:

When working from the #HangPosition, it’s important to “stay over the barbell” which means using your backside to control your extension from the hip. To lock yourself into position through the hang, try to make your intent:
✅Keep your butt back as long as possible
✅Keep your knees in place
✅Keep the barbell on your thighs
✅Drive through the floor

We start getting into trouble when:
❌The hips slide in early
❌The knees push forward
❌The barbell separates from the body
❌We drive through the barbell instead of the ground

Weight distribution and maintaining control of it can make the difference between a made lift and a miss!