USF Weightlifting Meet, Greet & Lifting Session at 813 Weightlifting in South Tampa

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This past Saturday, we held a Meet, Greet & Lifting session for USF students interested in the USF Weightlifting Club. Over 20 students of all levels of lifting experience from beginners to previous national competitors came together at our 813 Weightlifting location in South Tampa to train!

USF Weightlifting is a student-run organization with the intent of:

  • Training and educating new and experienced lifters in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting
  • Providing a community and positive training experience for USF-based Weightlifters
  • Creating a team environment for those interested in local, regional, and national level competitions

If you are a student at the University of South Florida and would like to stay updated with current club information, CLICK HERE to join our email list and make sure to follow us on Instagram at @USFWeightlifting!

Stay tuned for our meeting date in February!