#GetTechnical // Weight Distribution During the Split Jerk

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#GetTechnical with your weight distribution in the split landing!

In this case with our remote lifter, he is landing very heavily on the lead foot putting most of his body weight (and center of gravity) forward.

Some common cues for the split jerk are “step through” or “step out” with the lead foot, though, we can’t forget what happens to the back foot. Our response in this instance is to target a bit more weight on the rear foot to center the lifter’s balance. Horizontal movement in any part of the classic lifts isn’t optimal, so when aiming to land the split jerk, the lifter should:

  • Aim for 50/50 weight distribution on both feet
  • Move the body straight down under the barbell
  • Keep the wrists, shoulders, and hips in line

When the weight distribution of the landing is off (say forward, in this case), the lifter may experience:

  • Stepping forward in the recovery
  • Improper positioning in the land (Straight back leg)
  • Rushing the recovery due to imbalance