#GetTechnical // Proper Arm Action in the Snatch and Clean for Olympic Weightlifting

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#GetTechnical with arm action and turn over in the snatch and clean! This is an excerpt from a video review to one of our Remote Lifters.

Guiding the barbell and the body requires proper action from the upper body after the legs have finished doing their job. Lifters should aim to:

Keep tension against the barbell (grip tight!)
Keep elbows above the barbell as long as possible
Use traps and upper back to pull down to the barbell

We begin to lose our connection to the barbell when we:
Break at the wrists (wrists at 90*)
Elbows travel BEHIND the body (T-Rex arms)
Fall under and catch versus PULLING to the barbell

A fast and aggressive pull under produces the speed under the barbell, so hold on tight, fire up your back and PULL HARD!