#GetTechnical // Controlling the Knees During the Overhead Squat in Olympic Weightlfiting

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Creating a solid bottom position in the snatch and overhead squat comes down to mastering the fundamentals of the squat in general: proper foot placement, hips moving down and slightly back, and body weight on the heels-ish.

In this case with one of our Remote Athletes, maintaining these details creates the balance and control during a lift. When we say to pull the knees “up”, this ensures:

✅Squatting from the HIPS instead of the knees/ankles
✅Chest remaining upright
✅Back extended and tall

When the squat shifts to moving primarily from the ankles and knees, it creates a forward shift in the squat that can:

🚫Create imbalance in the bottom position
🚫Create a forward shift of the hips
🚫Cause walking out or stepping forward