Athlete Spotlight | Alex T.

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Athlete spotlight is on Alex this week! She is a lifter out of 813 Weightlifting in SOHO / Downtown Tampa.

Athletic background?
I’ve trained Muay Thai since late 2009 and I’ve had four fights before deciding to just train to keep up with the sport. I got into Crossfit for a couple months, and then got in powerlifting for about 2 years, but my heart wasn’t really set on those last two sports.

How long have you been Weightlifting?
Training under Patrick it’s officially been 4 months, but I’ve started on my own 2 months prior.

How/when did you find Weightlifting?
Through CrossFit. I used to see all the lifters in the other side of the gym and knew it was something I wanted to get into.

Hardest part about training?
Trying to break the little habits I have from attempting to teach myself months prior such as footwork.

What do you do to stay focused?
I like to look at my programming the day before just to see what I working with. Depending on the percentages and what I’ve hit that week prior, I like to set a goal on what numbers I’d hope to hit by the last set of each lift.

Any advice for new Weightlifters?
Take your time. I didn’t get anywhere by myself trying to rush through every lift. With the short time I’ve been training with Keep Pulling, I’ve hit numbers that I knew I couldn’t have reached if I didn’t start back from square one.

Favorite Weightlifter?
Quiana Welch