#GetTechnical // The Pulling Never Stops in Olympic Weightlifting!

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I mean…Keep Pulling, right? It sounds simple, but the pulling isn’t done when the legs are finished. In this video, we can see the lifter slightly “relaxing” against the barbell.

If the lifter were to Keep Pulling, it would better:
✅Guide the barbell/body to the rack position
✅Allow the lifter to pull down against the barbell
✅Keep the barbell close to the body

When we relax, or even release, grip against the barbell, a few things could happen:
❌Barbell crashes onto the shoulders
❌Barbell separates from the body
❌The lifter is “falling” or “dropping” instead of PULLING

“Falling” or “dropping” is TOO SLOW as it implies moving at the same speed as gravity. The body needs to be moving FASTER than gravity in order to properly receive the barbell!