#GetTechnical // Static and Dynamic Start Positions in Olympic Weightlifting

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#GetTechnical with the dynamic start! A dynamic start in Weightlifting is one in which the lifter is in constant motion before and during the start of the lift itself — More or less, a “rolling start.”

Though the dynamic start can help generate a little bit of additional momentum when pulling from the ground, sometimes the momentum can be misdirected. We need to be sure that the force is created vertically, not horizontally.

In this instance with one of our Remote Athletes, we have just a little bit of forward momentum carrying through the beginning of the lift causing it to be forward before the lift even starts.we recommended taking away the dynamic start to retrain the static start position in hopes of reintroducing the movement later down the line.

Reverting to a static, or motionless, start can help the lifter regain control of:
✅Pushing with the legs from the ground
✅Holding tension in the start position
✅Maintaining control over the barbell

The dynamic start can cause problems upstream in the lift if:
🚫Start position varies because of excessive movement
🚫Rocking the hips creates forward momentum
🚫Barbell moves because of the body rocking back and forth

A dynamic start is not WRONG by any means, though it does require a high familiarity with “proper” starting positions. Adding an element of movement creates the opportunity for inconsistency, but it can be done with practice!!