#GetTechnical // Floating Snatches and Weight Transfer for Olympic Weightlifting

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#GetTechnical with positional drills like the Floating Snatch! We often use drills like this to give the lifter a sense of control over both the barbell and the body!

The Floating Snatch forces the lifter to maintain tension throughout the lift and also isolates the leg action in in the “first pull”. From the ground, the lift must be initiated by pushing through the legs rather than pulling with the back. During this phase, we must make sure to:
✅Push on the ground like a leg press
✅Let the hips & shoulders rise together
✅keep pressure on the ground

Pushing with the legs allows a weight transfer from mid foot (start position) to heels (hang) to occur naturally. Faults in position can occur when the lifter:
❌Sets up on the heels
❌Keeps knees/hips back when below the knee
❌Moves only the knees in the start