Cues, Technical Overload, and Creating a Singular Focus with Weightlifting Technique

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Here is an excerpt from a Remote Coaching video review touching on mental focus during lifts.

In this set of 3 snatches, each lift looked completely different. We strive for similarity and replication when it comes to the lifts, but focusing on too much at once to achieve this can be a challenge.

We’ve all heard “Paralysis by Analysis” coined by Coach Mike Burgener, but how does it directly affect your lifting? As complex as the human mind is, it operates best through simplicity.

When you’re developing and/or trying to make improvements to your technique, it’s best to:
✅Focus on ONE point of improvement at a time
✅Work on improving that ONE focus before moving on to the next
✅Start with problem areas of LARGEST impact to those of smallest

Your lifting has a high chance of regression if you:
❌Focus on multiple cues at once
❌Try to fix multiple problem areas at once
❌Expect technical flaws to be resolved in a single lift/set

Focusing on the RIGHT problem areas at the right times is what drives technical improvement — Take your time, be patient, and trust the process because eventually, inches become miles!