Coaching Tips for Beginning Weightlifters and Results of Keep Pulling Technique Course

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Meet Benjy. He came to us with no Weightlifting experience and is a recent graduate of our monthly technique courses. He is now transitioning into our full-time Weightlifting program at Tern Weightlifting with our coaches @olytrick and @movemassrunfast.

Six (6) weeks ago, he had never done an overhead squat, let alone a snatch. When dealing with new lifters, there are a few things we must make sure of as coaches:
✅Keep it simple (cues and instruction)
✅Prioritize proper movement
✅Be ok with errors in the short-term

Coaches should avoid:
❌Hovering and constant correction
❌Information overload and over cueing
❌Negative cueing (Not “DON’T do X” but rather “DO Y”)
The body needs time to adjust any new movement, but we need to guide athletes to the overall end goal of consistency and duplication. It doesn’t happen overnight, but small changes do add up over time! Great job!