Athlete Spotlight: Paivy P.

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Our Keep Pulling Athlete Spotlight is on @paivybreonne! She is part of our club 813 Weightlifting in South Tampa at CrossFit 813!

☑Age/weight class:
28yrs old; -53kg

☑Athletic background?
I was never really the athletic type growing up- I did swim competitively on a club team, and warmed a YMCA bench very well in basketball. I was also a subpar cheerleader in high school.

☑How/when did you find Weightlifting?
I started weightlifting through CrossFit where my weakness was always barbell work (I didn’t pick up a barbell until I was 23). Once I began to learn how to correctly move around, I became less afraid of moving weight and was hooked. I’m two years in and still love it.

☑What is the hardest part about training?
I am guilty of beating myself up over little things I do wrong, and with weightlifting there is always something you can do just a little bit better. So I have to always watch out for negative self-talk.

☑What is your favorite part about training?
I just really like lifting- I’m always asking if I can do extra sets.

☑What do you do to stay focused?
Headphones. If I don’t stay focused I will end up looking around, talking to people, or doing muscle ups or something I shouldn’t be doing.

☑Any advice for new Weightlifters?
Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s not going to happen overnight.

☑Who is your favorite Weightlifter?
Jessica Lucero

☑Have you ever had a problem making weight?
I always freak out 2 days before because I train a few pounds heavier than my weight class…then I end up weighing in 3 pounds lighter without fail.