Athlete Spotlight | Lam H.

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Our Athlete Spotlight is on Lam from our club Tern Weightlifting in Westchase!

Athletic background?
I have been active for most of my adult life doing globo gym training 3 times a week and playing a plethora of different other pass-time sports until I found my niche with beach volleyball. Nothing at the collegiate level, but I would consider myself a decent ball player.

How long have you been Weightlifting?
Exactly 3 years ago from today.

How/when did you find Weightlifting?
I was introduced to weightlifting through Crossfit 3 years ago as a training tool for volleyball.

Hardest part about training?
Like all other sport or life, the hardest part is mental. Once you get past the mental barrier, the lift becomes more controllable.

What do you do to stay focused?
Practice, practice, practice at the weights that are uncomfortable but still prioritize good form.

Any advice for new Weightlifters?
Your legs are stronger than your arms so more legs!

Favorite Weightlifter?
Lu Xiaojun – We all know those squat jerks are sexy.

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