Athlete Spotlight: Benjy N.

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Our Keep Pulling Athlete Spotlight is on Benjy! He is part of our club Tern Weightlifting in Westchase!

☑Age/weight class:
21, and whatever weight my coaches put me at.

☑Athletic background?
I wrestled through middle school and high school, I played football for two years and started Weightlifting for the first time my senior year.

☑Fun fact about yourself?
I am pretty good at WWE 2k games lol.

☑How/when did you find Weightlifting?
I got fully exposed to it my senior year of high school since it was a sport at my school. I got convinced to do it by a couple of coaches.

☑What is the hardest part about training?
I’ll say the hardest part is trying not to beat myself up whenever I make mistakes.

☑What is your favorite part about training?
Seeing myself and everyone around me getting better is awesome.

☑What do you do to stay focused?
Setting goals for myself and asking my coaches how I can get better.

☑Any advice for new Weightlifters?
Mobility is very important.

☑Who is your favorite Weightlifter?
CJ Cummings is a beast!

☑Have you ever had a problem making weight?
Yes, mostly in wrestling.

☑What is your favorite lift?
I like snatches a lot.

☑What is your favorite junk food?

☑What is your most memorable moment as a Weightlifter?
Finding out their was more to Weightlifting than just in high school lol.