RECAP! Team Keep Pulling at the Elevate Open 2 in St. Petersburg, FL!

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#TeamGreen had a great time at the Elevate Open 2 this past Saturday! We had 3 lifters compete: Amber and Stacy in the 55kg weight category, and Mackenzie in the 76kg weight category.

Amber (@this.humble.warrior) finished 6 for 6 with a 46kg snatch and 58kg Clean & Jerk on her FIRST competition! She finished right under her training PRs and did great!

Coach Stacy (@sgavin10) competed for the first time in 3+ years finishing 4 for 6 with a 58kg Snatch and a 69kg Clean & Jerk for competition PRs all around! WELCOME BACK!

Finally, Mackenzie (@kenzo_the_canuck) finished 4 for 6 with a 53kg Snatch and a 75kg Clean & Jerk tying her best Clean and jerk PR!

Thanks to everyone that came to support and special thanks to Elevate St. Pete for throwing another great event!