Frequently Asked Questions // Tampa Bay Spring Classic

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions surrounding a Weightlifting meet. Of course, if there is any question at all, please feel free to contact our Event Staff.

Where will the meet be held?
Refer to our EVENT PAGE

Are registrations final?
Yes, all sales are final. Athletes may sell/transfer their registration up to TWO WEEKS BEFORE the event. All transfer requests must be sent to

When do I check in?
Athletes check in during their designated weigh in time 2 hours before your lifting session. All weigh in and lift off times will be available on the official event page and facebook pages.

Can I check in early?
No. Please refer to the event schedule on the TBSC Event Page.

What if I don’t make weight?
You have one hour from the start of your weigh in time to attempt to make weight – row, bike, run, jump rope, or bust out the trash bags if you need to. You can weigh in as many times as it takes within that hour, but if you do not make it, you will be moved to the next category up or down. (Yes, you can be TOO LIGHT).

If you miss weight and the next category up or down is in a different session, you will STILL LIFT IN THE SESSION YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR. We can not move athletes between sessions due to time constraints, but you will still be able to lift.

Can I change my weight class?
If you do not make weight during your designated weigh in time, you will be bumped to the next category up or down. This could potentially affect your weigh in time and start time for the new class that you are in. If you know a few days ahead of time that there is no shot of you making weight, please contact our EVENT STAFF so we can plan ahead for any potential scheduling changes.

When do I declare my openers?
When you weigh in, you will be asked for your openers by a member of the event staff. They will put it on your lifter card and you will be asked to sign the card for verification.

Do I need to be a USA Weightlifting member?
Yes! This is an official USA Weightlifting sanctioned meet, so you must carry an active USAW membership. Click here to register.

Are singlets required to compete?
Yes! This is an official USA Weightlifting sanctioned meet, so you MUST lift in a singlet. If you do not have a singlet on the day of the meet, you will not be permitted to compete.

Who is allowed in the warm up area?
The warm up area is for coaches and athletes of the active session ONLY. No spectators or visitors will be permitted in the warm up area.

Will there be food at the meet?

What should I bring with me?
Here’s a list of things that you should bring with you to the meet.

  • A Singlet (Official USAW sanctioned meets require them)
  • Your USAW membership card (printed out or on your phone)
  • Weightlifting shoes
  • Training gear (if you use accessories, that is.) Knee sleeves, wrist wraps, lifting belt, tiger balm, and tape. Some less obvious gear that could save you are chalk, extra shoe laces, nail clippers, and scissors.
  • Warm ups, jackets and pants to stay warm
  • Pillow/something comfortable to nap with (taking a nap while waiting for weigh in times is not unusual at all)

What are the referees looking for?
Please refer to our standards videos available online.

There are quite a number of technical standards that the referees are looking for, but here are the major ones that you should be concerned with:

  • No press outs — the snatch and the jerk must be received with a solid lock out. No pressing out of the elbows, or locking out, breaking and then pressing it out again.
  • Waiting for the “down” signal — The center ref will tell you when to put the bar down after each lift. If you put it down before they say, even if it’s a good lift, it will be counted as “no lift”.
  • Dropping the weight in front of you — When the ref tells you to put the weight down, bring it down in front of you. If you drop the bar behind you even after a perfect lift, it will be counted as “no lift”.
  • Touching the platform — The only thing allowed to touch the platform during a lift is your feet. If something like your knee touches the ground, “no lift”.
  • Elbow to knee — This is just for the clean; If your elbows touch your knees during the squat, “no lift”.